Wednesday’s WOW: No Hands Bridge

by Sherri on June 17, 2009

Woman running with her dogs across the famous “No Hands Bridge” in Auburn, California.

I chose to feature this photo in my “Wednesday’s WOW” post for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I really like it and secondly the annual Western States 100 Endurance Run is coming up June 27-28. If you have never heard of this race, it is a 100-mile foot race which starts in Squaw Valley, California and winds up in Auburn, California 100-miles later. The participants of this race will cross No Hands Bridge minutes before reaching the finish line at Placer High School. NOTE: This bridge is in both El Dorado and Placer counties.

5 reasons why I really like this photo:

  1. Location – As I mentioned earlier, this bridge is world famous and a big icon in our area.
  2. Lighting – I love sidelighting!
  3. Concept – I like to use concepts in my photos whenever possible. The relationship between the woman and her dogs makes a very strong concept photo.
  4. Diagonal Lines – Good to use them in your photographs whenever possible to add impact.
  5. The Color Red – This is huge for me. I use red in my photos of people about 85% (a good guess) of the time. Red is the #1 publishing color and it also draws attention to the viewer. For me, it is often what makes the difference between a keeper and a photo that gets tossed.

Each week, I will try to feature a WOW photo that was created by someone else. This week it goes to Jim Goldstein for his photo of a Lightening Strike. Take a look at this amazing shot.

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1 Gary Crabbe / Enlightened Images June 17, 2009 at 8:12 am


I had the pleasure of photographing the WS100 a bunch of years ago for The North Face. A real treat to be at the top of Squaw Valley at Sunrise to watch the runners crest the summit at the start of the race.

2 Sherri June 17, 2009 at 1:58 pm

That’s really cool Gary! I’ve never been at (or anywhere near the start). But, I have photographed the race from this end. You can read more here

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