Top 10 Lightroom Tweets of the Week

by Sherri on March 12, 2010


Spring is here. Daffodils such as these are "springing" up all over our neighborhood in Auburn, California. This was developed using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.

Are you ready for 10 new Lightroom tips for your weekend? Well, here they are in random order. Enjoy!

  1. @OutdoorPhotoMag’s Lightroom quick tips, including keywords, spray painting and more –
  2. @Lightroom Lightroom’s Virtual Copies are helpful for a multitude of reasons. Find out why here –
  3. @Lightroomers Two fast ways to apply develop setting to multiple photos in Lightroom
  4. @aj_wood —> my latest Lightroom article is up on TipSquirrel “Lightroom vs Adobe Bridge.”
  5. @heninger It’s Lightroom Tuesday (Evening). Tips, Tricks & Tutorials for the Lightroom-enhanced among us
  6. @xequals New on X-Equals – Yield the Wheel – A Lightroom mouse trick –
  7. @ShebaJo Arrange Files Your Way in Lightroom –
  8. @LRSecrets New Article: What I’d Like to See in Lightroom 4 beCP.
  9. @photographyblog 21 Reasons to use Lightroom
  10. @Lightroom A quick tutorial on how to create a passport photo with Lightroom

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Have a great weekend everyone!


1 Sherri March 15, 2010 at 8:34 am

Thank you everyone for Retweeting this post on Twitter! 😉

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