Taylorsville Barn Makeover

by Sherri on March 21, 2012

Old Barn in Taylorsville, California after the makeover.

As I was looking for something to add to my Northeastern California Album this morning, I came across this photo of a barn I shot in Podunk Taylorsville, California. It was taken at noonish…the worst time of the day for photography in most cases. It had power lines in it, an ugly sky and was very close to getting tossed. Something told me to see if I could make a “keeper” out of it.

I made a virtual copy of the original file in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, converted it from color to antique and removed the power lines. From there, I took it into Photoshop CS3 and added the filter “poster edges.” The difference is amazing…it went from an “Ugly Duckling” into something that inspires me.

Old barn in Taylorsville, California before the makeover.

This is what the original image looked like straight out of the camera! Did you find this tutorial helpful?

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