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“Gearing Up” for Upcoming Road Trip

by Sherri on August 1, 2008

Our living room shot with my new Tokina 12-24mm super wide-angle lens.

Wow! Our living room never looked so big! This was the first photo taken with my new super wide- angle lens. So far so good!

Jeff and I will be leaving soon on a “Road Trip,” exploring and photographing new territory in Northeastern California and the Lake Tahoe Region.

I would have eventually purchased this lens along with my new Nikon D-300, but just before a trip like this seemed like the time to take the plunge. I have been experimenting with this lens and I’m loving it, but I haven’t really tried out the camera yet. That is on the agenda for this weekend.

After comparison shopping on the Internet, I found the best deals through B&H Photo in New York.  Not only were their prices lower than anywhere else, their service was impeccable.

I will be writing more about our upcoming trip in a future post, as well as posting a photo or two taken on the D-300.