Photographing Indian Creek

by Sherri on August 27, 2008

Steve Hadley photographing Indian Creek, Taylorsville, California

While I was down capturing a few early morning shots of Indian Creek, our friend Steve decided to join me. That was perfect timing, because all the photos I had taken up until then had been void of people, which is really unusual for me. More importantly, he is a “Baby Boomer!” Photographing “Baby Boomers” is one of my top priorities when shooting for stock.

Here is another tip I will throw out there to the universe. When photographing a landscape, try shooting the scene both with and without people. I generally shoot with the people in the scene first, because those shots are most important to me. But, if your speciality happens to be landscapes, you would most likely do it in reverse. This is most important if you are a Stock Photographer shooting for publication.

I will be including more photo tips in future posts from our recent Northeastern California Road Trip, so stay tuned to

1 Martin Scheyhing September 5, 2008 at 4:57 pm

Thanks for the photo tip Sherri! I like that idea – even though I’m not shooting for publication. Looking forward to more of them in the future.
And this is a pretty cool photo! Love the composition and lighting, and Steve seems to have a ball too!

2 Sherri September 7, 2008 at 5:58 am

Your welcome Martin! I’m glad you like the photo tip. I have a whole section of them on this blog. Just look for “photo tips” under categories.

Thanks for the compliment too. Yes, Steve was having fun. I think he enjoys just about everything he does. He is a lot of fun and a great sport!

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