How to Make Nature Double Exposures with a Nikon D300

by Sherri on June 27, 2012

Double exposure of a Palm Tree.

Do you own a Nikon D300? Would you like to learn how to make “In Camera” Double Exposures like these?

A few years ago, I wrote “How to Make Multiple Exposures with a Nikon D300.” It has been one of my most popular posts every since, so I decided it was time to do a little more experimenting of my own. The 3 examples you see here were all created using only two exposures on one frame; although the D300 is capable of doing up to 10. In each of these examples, I took the first shot, then moved the camera slightly and took the second shot.

Try it…you might like it. Simply follow the link above to learn how. I’d love to see what you come up with. Leave me a comment below with a link to your examples.

Have fun!


Double exposure of a Daylily.

Double exposure of a Tiny Ghost Lily.

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