10 Ways to Shoot a Subject!

by Sherri on March 1, 2007

See #6 below - Jeff Hartnett enjoying the view of Lower Sardine Lake, Northern California.

See #6 below - Lower Sardine Lake, Northern California.

When you have a great subject in front of you, shoot it as many ways as possible. If you are traveling and it is a subject you may never be able to shoot again, this is especially important! If the subject is local, then you can return again and again if you make the effort. Here are some things to incorporate into your shooting.

  1. Try shooting your subject during sunrise and sunset on sunny days.
  2. Shoot during midday on an overcast day.
  3. Shoot it in different weather conditions such as the rain, snow or fog.
  4. Shoot it at night.
  5. Shoot it in both horizontal and vertical formats.
  6. Shoot it with and without people.
  7. Use different lenses such as a wide-angle and a zoom lens.
  8. Use backlighting (light coming from behind the subject) and sidelighting (light coming from either side of the subject) for added impact.
  9. Try shooting from different perspectives. Lay on the ground and shoot upward and get on something high and shoot downward.
  10. Use a fast shutter speed to stop action, then use a slow shutter speed to show motion.

This is a partial list of the things you can incorporate into your shooting and not all of them apply to each subject. Happy shooting!

1 Alan Majchrowicz March 14, 2011 at 10:52 am

Excellent post. Whenever I come a cross an exceptional subject or scene I try to photograph as many variations as possible.

2 Sherri March 14, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Thanks a lot, Alan. I’m glad this struck a chord with you and that you are already doing it!


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