Auburn Courthouse Aglow

by Sherri on December 18, 2008

Historic Auburn Courthouse at night, Old Town Auburn, California

This shot was also taken during our recent visit to Old Town, to check out the holiday decorations. I have photographed this beauty several times before, but never from this perspective and never at night.

Most of the shots that were taken during this photo shoot were shot at ISO 3200 and 6400. This one was shot at ISO 6400. It was a really good opportunity to put the Nikon D300 to the high ISO test. It also gave me a good reason to experiment with the Noise Reduction feature in Adobe Lightroom 2. I am very pleased with the results.

I highly recommend the Nikon D300, to anyone looking for an affordable Pro-level Nikon DSLR camera. I am also blown away by the features and performance of Lightroom 2 and I highly recommend that as well.

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1 Richard Wong December 20, 2008 at 9:45 am

Good to see you putting the D300 to good use Sherri. I was doing some camera research yesterday. I was trying to evaluate if it was practical from a storage standpoint to get the 5D MKII, or get that and the 50D for travel shots that don’t need the resolution, versus the Nikon D300 or 700. I think the Nikons are better than the 50D no doubt at least though I will have to wait to see reports on how the 5D MKII performs in high ISO.

2 Sherri Meyer December 21, 2008 at 6:09 am

Thanks Richard. I don’t know much about the new Canon Series, but I’m sure they are great too!

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