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Outdoor Lifestyles on Flickr

by Sherri on September 12, 2011

Camping at Lake Almanor, near Mount Lassen, Northern California.

Surprise! I did something I thought I’d never do. I jumped on the Flickr bandwagon. I have nearly 100 photos uploaded now and a few sets. Here is my largest and most popular set; Outdoor Lifestyles.

I will be adding many more images here and to our main Photography Website in the coming weeks! Be sure to check back often!

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New Hiking, Kayaking & Rafting Images!

by Sherri on June 3, 2010


Steve Hadley & Peg Challender stop to enjoy the scenery on the East Ridge Trail at the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park, near Coloma, California.

We have been really busy shooting adventure & outdoor lifestyle images lately. While we have been doing our share of complaining about the strange weather we have been having this year, it has been better than normal for photography.

By this time of the year, the landscape in this area is usually brown. But, as you can see in this photo I captured over Memorial Day Weekend, it is still very green. There are also still a lot of wildflowers in the Sierra Foothills, as compared to a normal year.

The photo above of our friends Steve & Peg is one of many new photos we captured on a beautiful Spring day in the Sierra Foothills.

See more Adventure and Outdoor Lifestyle Images on our Sherri Meyer Photography Business Page, or by visiting our Adventure and Outdoor Lifestyles photo archive.

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Jeff & Cocoa hiking on the Stagecoach Trail on a foggy January morning, Auburn, California. This image was developed using the amazing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.

Hi everyone! You have probably figured out by now that I love to photograph people enjoying the outdoors. I have been capturing Outdoor Lifestyle photos for many years and they continue to be my favorite subjects to photograph. I have also noticed an increased amount of people on this Photo Blog lately, who were searching for “How to Shoot Outdoor Lifestyle Photos.” That is what inspired me to write this post.

I’m sharing some of my success tips for capturing great Outdoor Lifestyle photos. If you own a camera and you would like to learn how to take better photographs of people, you can benefit from the following tips. [click to continue…]


Beautiful Bakersfield, California

by Sherri on December 2, 2009


Senior Couple feeding the ducks & geese at Hart Memorial Park, Bakersfield, California. This image was developed using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.

Bakersfield gets picked on all the time. People say it’s ugly and there is nothing beautiful about it. Sure, it’s not Yosemite, or Yellowstone, but I believe you can find beauty anywhere if you seek it.

Jeff & I make the trek to Bakersfield each Thanksgiving to visit his Mom. I always bring my camera along too. Usually, I photograph out on the bluffs at Panorama Park, but this time I was determined to venture out to other areas.

We drove out to Hart Memorial Park to see what we could find. We timed it just right, so the lighting along the Kern River was at it’s best. Just love that late day light! We found this couple feeding the ducks and geese. They were enjoying themselves so much, I don’t know if they were even aware that I was photographing them!

Images of seniors (especially seniors engaged in an activity) are in high demand and there is a low supply of them. I don’t have very many in my stock files, so this was a perfect opportunity to add to my collection. I did not get a model release from this couple, but I would like to. If anyone knows this couple, please let me know.

NOTE: You can also see more photos of Bakersfield here. They are all available for licensing, or they can be ordered as a print. If you are interested in any of these images, please contact us.

More photos of beautiful Bakersfield to come, so “Y’all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?”

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One of the readers of this Blog has requested that I upload the original image. Now, you will be able to see the “before & after” shots of this image.


Senior Couple feeding the ducks & geese at Hart Memorial Park, Bakersfield, California. This is the way the image looked straight out of the camera!


Portrait of Maya

by Sherri on January 13, 2009

Portrait of Maya Bussinger, Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park, Pilot Hill, California.

It’s been a really long time since my niece and nephew were young like this. I used to photograph them a lot.

Thanks to our “Baby Boomer” friends Donna and Daniel for having Maya. I am really enjoying photographing her. She is very photogenic just like her Mom Donna, who has been one of my top models for a long time.

I took several photos of her in this same location, but this one really captured my attention.

More photos taken at the Cronan Ranch to come…

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In Sync at Panorama Park

by Sherri on December 7, 2008

Man walking his dog at Panorama Park, Bakersfield, California.

During our recent visit to Bakersfield, I photographed a lot of people enjoying what Panorama Park has to offer. While I was editing the images from the trip, the 2 photos in this post were among my favorites. I analyzed them to see if there was a common denominator in these 2 particular photos.

Besides the fact that everyone in these photos look extremely happy to be there, everyone (including the fur person) was in sync with their companion.

Woman and her young son running on the pathway at Panorama Park, Bakersfield, California.

If anyone out there knows any of these wonderful models, please have them contact me. Thank you!

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A Day at the River #1

by Sherri on November 18, 2008

Silhouette of horseback riders crossing the Ponderosa Bridge, Weimar, California.

One of my favorite “self-assignments” is to hang out at one location for several hours, then see how many photo opportunities I can come up with.

Last month, Jeff and I had company for the weekend. I suggested that we head for Ponderosa for the day, which is one of our favorite swimming holes on the American River. Our friends are both avid swimmers and hikers and this location offered both. That suited them just fine. As it turned out, they were some of my favorite subjects to photograph that day, out of the many opportunities I had.

This series “A Day at the River” to be continued…

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Fall Paddle on Lake Clementine

by Sherri on October 8, 2008

Jeff and Jeff kayaking on Lake Clementine, Auburn, California.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the next stop on our August Road Trip was Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park. But, before I write about that mind blowing place, I wanted to share a little bit about what we have been shooting since that trip.

This photo was taken about 3 weeks ago at Lake Clementine, one of our favorite places to kayak and canoe. Soon, the upper end of the lake where we put in will be closing for the season and we wanted to do a fall paddle before that time comes.

The weather that day was perfect. It was in the mid to upper 80’s and we had the lake to ourselves as Jeff (in the yellow kayak) was describing in this photo.

By the way, I just learned that kayaking is the new activity of choice for “Baby Boomers.” That explains why we like it so much!

Note: The lower end of the lake is open year-round.

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Family Time at Ashford Park

by Sherri on July 25, 2008

Father, son and lone duck at Ashford Park, Auburn, California

This photograph was also taken at Ashford Park, the same day the photo I posted yesterday was taken.

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Ashford Park, Auburn, California

by Sherri on July 23, 2008

Jeff & Cocoa, Ashford Park, Auburn, California

Ashford Park is located in front of the Ashley Memorial Dog Park, on Auburn Ravine Road. It has a nice lawn area, picnic tables, BBQ’s, playground, seasonal creek, pond, one lone duck and an area you can rent for parties, for a very nominal fee.

After we spend an hour or so at the dog park, we like to visit this spot. During the late afternoon, the light here is what photographer’s refer to as “golden light,” or “sweet light.”

It’s the perfect time to capture a few “lifestyle” images of Jeff and Cocoa that will be added to our Lifestyles Stock Photo Gallery.

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