2014 American River Calendar

by Sherri on November 8, 2013

american river, california, sherri meyer photography

Photos of the American River, Northern California.

Here is a “Sneak Peek” of some of the images I will be including in my 2014 “American River Series” calendar coming out soon!

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This will be the perfect Christmas gift, especially for the people in your life who have a love affair with the American River!

Lake Almanor, Northern California

by Sherri on October 16, 2013

sherri meyer photography, plumas county, california travel

Lake Almanor at Sunset

There are no shortages of great sunsets at Lake Almanor! Even on a boring sky day, if you wait long enough you can usually count on a great sunset. Depending on where you are, you can also include Mount Lassen in your composition.

I usually like to include people in my sunset photos such as in this article Plumas County RV Trip I wrote recently. But, I also shoot them without people in them, during my photo sessions. You never know when the need for one over the other may occur!

If you like this photo, please share it with your friends. Also, please feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below.

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California Greeting Cards

by Sherri on October 15, 2013

Auburn, California, Greeting Cards, Sherri Meyer Photography

Downtown Auburn in the snow.

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Plumas County RV Trip

by Sherri on October 2, 2013

RVing, Northern California, Lake Almanor, Canyon Dam, Plumas County, Sherri Meyer Photography

RV camping at Forest Park RV Spaces, Canyon Dam, California.

We did it! Not only did Jeff, me, Hope (my Mom) and Cocoa (our dog) just return from a fantastic RV trip, but it was our first one! We have had the 26 foot travel trailer for several months now, but had yet to try out the many awesome features it has, hence the main purpose of this trip. We baked brownies in the oven, cooked burgers and steak on the RV-Q, tried out the shower, microwave, CD player and more.

Forest Park RV Spaces, Plumas County, Plumas County, Sherri Meyer Photography

Jeff, Mom & Cocoa walking in the Plumas National Forest bordering Forest Park RV Spaces.

We spent a wonderful week at the Forest Park RV Spaces in Canyon Dam. It was the perfect RV park for our needs. The RV spaces were very spacious with plenty of shade, was dog friendly and backed up to the Plumas National Forest. The owners Joe and Crystal were very friendly and helpful during our stay. We did a lot of research on places to stay in the area before leaving home and this was definitely “The best bang for the buck!”

Mill Creek Falls, Hike, Lassen National Park, Northern California, Sherri Meyer Photography

Mill Creek Falls, Lassen National Park, Northern California.

Canyon Dam is located at the Southern end of beautiful Lake Almanor and about a one hour drive to the southwest entrance to Lassen National Park. For one of our day trips, we met up with local photographer and friend Jan Carmichael Davies, for a hike to the very unique Mill Creek Falls in Lassen. It was 3 1/2 miles round trip and a wonderful mix of uphill, downhill and nearly level terrain. It was just what the doctor ordered!

Sherri Meyer Photography

Jan hard at work!

Before we left home, I made a photo shoot list of some of the things I wanted to do and photograph during our visit to the area. Exploring the back roads is always one of the top priorities. After a recommendation from Jan and studying the California Gazetteer, we opted for a drive out to Round Valley Reservoir for another day trip.

On the way there, we stumbled upon one of the neatest old, abandoned log cabins in the woods I have ever seen. Of course, we hung out there for quite awhile capturing photos of it. Check it out!

Plumas National Forest, Northern California, Old Log Cabin, Sherri Meyer Photography

Old log cabin in the woods, Plumas National Forest, Northern California.

We finally pried ourselves away from this cute little cabin and continued on, taking the wrong fork in the road on the way to Round Valley Reservoir. We didn’t go too far out of the way though and we saw plenty of awesome scenery we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. We eventually made it to our destination and were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was.

Round Valley Reservoir, Plumas National Forest, Northern California, Sherri Meyer Photography

Round Valley Reservoir, Plumas National Forest, Northern California.

Round Valley Reservoir was beautiful at a distance, as well as close up and personal. One end of it had lily pads galore. I love shooting nature close ups and this was a very exciting subject to work with.

Lily pads, Round Valley Reservoir, Plumas National Forest, Northern California, Sherri Meyer Photography

Lily pads on Round Valley Reservoir, Plumas National Forest.

You could find us relaxing by Lake Almanor, waiting for the sweet light all but a couple of nights we were in the area. The next photo is a great example of how I maximize a photo shoot. Included in this image are several of the shots I had on my shoot list for the trip. They are: sunsets, silhouettes, landscapes, outdoor recreation, Lake Almanor and Mount Lassen. We arrived early and I decided on a background first. In this case, it was Mount Lassen. Then I waited patiently for my subjects to arrive and a brilliant sky. This is what I got. It was definitely worth the wait!

Mount Lassen, Northern California, Outdoor Recreation, Boating, Fishing, Lake Almanor, Sherri Meyer Photography

Fishing on Lake Almanor at Sunset, with Mount Lassen in the background.

We did a lot of relaxing too. We also took a drive to Juniper Lake in Lassen National Park. To get there, you enter from the town of Chester. It was a nice drive, but not nearly as exciting as other parts of the park. It was also very windy and cold up there.

Juniper Lake, Lassen National Park, Northern California, Sherri Meyer

Whatever it takes to get the shot! Here I am laying down on the job, shooting Juniper Lake, Lassen National Park.

The photo below is what I was shooting! :-)

Juniper Lake, Lassen National Park, California, Sherri Meyer Photography

Juniper Lake, Lassen National Park, California.

Our first RV trip was a huge success. We learned a LOT, took plenty of notes and photos and we can’t wait to go again! Don’t be surprised if our next trip is BOON DOCKING!

I hope you found this article interesting and informative. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section. :-)

Happy travels,


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Labor Day Weekend Print Sale

by Sherri on August 29, 2013

Gold Lake, California, Sierra County, Fine Art Photography, Labor Day Weekend Print Sale, 5x7's

“Morning Has Broken” – Gold Lake Sunrise.


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Camping at Sugar Pine Reservoir

by Sherri on August 27, 2013

Sugar Pine Reservoir, Northern California

Camp Host at Sugar Pine Reservoir.

Camping at Sugar Pine Reservoir is something my husband and I had never done until this month. Going there had always been a day trip, since we live so close and the kind of camping we usually do is more remote. What motivated us to finally give it a try? Well, every time we were packing it up to head home, the light was just getting good for photography and the water was always calming down, making it the perfect time to take the kayaks out for a paddle. The solution was to camp there, for the first time in over 25 years. We brought along my 91 year old Mother and 3 of our friends to test it out!

Camping Sugar Pine Reservoir, Foresthill, California

Sugar Pine is senior & dog friendly too!

What we found out was it was a really great place to camp, but like most places there were pros and cons. We camped at the Shirttail Campground. Our first choice was Giant Gap, but there were no spaces available, when we made our reservations over a month in advance. The campsites were very nice and well maintained, although some of them were very small and close together. The campsite we camped in was barely big enough for 2 tents, 2 vehicles and 6 people.

While we were camping there, we checked out all of the campsites and found that sites 1-7 were the nicest, at least in our opinion. They were closer to the lake and hiking trail, had more space and were not so close to the next door neighbor. I doubt that we would stay in that campground again, if we couldn’t reserve one of those sites!

The restrooms were nice, roomy and kept very clean thanks to the camp hosts, who just happen to be from our home town of Auburn. They had just started working there and were doing a fantastic job of taking care of the important things. There were also water faucets very close to the campsites, but I recommend using the water for cooking only. It was rusty and awful tasting.

Sugar Pine Reservoir, kayaking, Foresthill, California

Kayaking into the sunset at Sugar Pine Reservoir.

Boating of all types is excellent here too, however if you have a fishing boat or a sailboat, you have to launch them about two miles away at the boat ramp. If you have kayaks, canoes, or stand up paddle boards, you have to carry them a bit of a distance to the water. Depending on the weight of your boats, this can get to be a pain. We prefer to camp near the water. For us, this was the biggest con about camping at Sugar Pine.

Hiking, Sugar Pine Reservoir, Foresthill, California

Hiking near the campgrounds at Sugar Pine. When the water level is high, this is an island.

Sugar Pine has a wonderful hiking, biking and running trail that goes around the whole lake and is about 3 1/2 miles long. The area closest to the campgrounds is paved, in the sun and suitable for wheelchairs, while the rest of it is dirt and mostly shaded. It is a great mix of flat and hilly and you can access it from the campground, or the boat launch area and hike just a portion of it and back if you prefer.

For more information on Sugar Pine Reservoir, please refer to my post “Top 6 Lakes to Kayak & Canoe in Northern California.

Please feel free to ask a question, or make a comment below.

Happy camping!



Fighting the American Fire

by Sherri on August 23, 2013

American Fire, Sugar Pine Reservoir, Helicopters, Foresthill

Dipping water from Sugar Pine Reservoir #1.

When I was making my “shoot list” for my camping trip a couple of weeks ago, it did not include shooting two helicopters dipping water from Sugar Pine Reservoir from my kayak!

I love to shoot action and adventure. It’s not so much about the subject matter, as it is about capturing the action and making photos with IMPACT. I want those who view my photos to “feel” what is going on in the scene.

It was getting late in the day and it would soon be time to head back home to Auburn. I was not going to leave without getting photos of these guys. I had two choices on how I could go about it. One was to hike to the area where they were dipping water, or I could opt to shoot from my kayak. Shooting from my kayak seemed like the better idea, plus it was a chance to get one more paddle in for the day.

American Fire, Sugar Pine Reservoir, Helicopters, Foresthill

Dipping water from Sugar Pine Reservoir #2.

I kayaked out to the middle of the lake VERY near where they were dipping. My husband says I was about 150 feet away, but it felt much closer. I steadied myself in the kayak and waited until I heard them coming. The fire was only about 5 miles away.

Shooting from a kayak was a little tricky. There were wakes in the lake and there was a good chance of getting my camera wet. I also had to make sure my photos were sharp and the shoreline was straight.

I set my ISO to 400 and my shutter speed to 1/1000 sec and fired away. Since I knew they would be returning, I had time to view my photos and approve upon them if I needed to, the next time they dipped. The photos above are two of the best ones.

It was an awesome photo experience, unfortunately the fire is still burning nearly two weeks later!

Coming next week…”Camping at Sugar Pine Reservoir.”

Have a great weekend you all!


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Got Wildflower Photos?

by Sherri on April 13, 2013

Wild Iris growing along the trail at Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn, California.

Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung here in the Sierra Foothills and I have some very exciting news to announce. I have a new job as the Photo Editor for MyOutdoorBuddy.com, one of the fastest growing outdoor life news magazine websites in the region.

As the Photo Editor for MyOutdoorBuddy.com, one of my responsibilities is running their bimonthly photo contest. A brand new photo contest “Wildflowers” is now underway at: http://www.myoutdoorbuddy.com/photo-contest/entryform.php.

Do you have have any wildflower photos of Northern California or Southern Oregon, or do you plan on shooting wildflower photos in these locations soon? If so, please consider entering them in this contest. It is open to all levels of photographers and entering is simple. Just click on the link above. After the contest is over, a panel of judges will select the winning photo and the winner will be awarded prizes and cash.

Give it your best shot!

Sherri Meyer
Photo Editor

Central Oregon Images

by Sherri on February 27, 2013

Riviere des Chutes Magie (Deschutes River Magic) Deschutes River, La Pine, Oregon.

I’m currently working on a few Oregon images and I have put together a little “Sneak Preview” slideshow for you! Later this year…Jeff & I will be traveling to Southern/Central Oregon to shoot more images to add to this gallery. Take a peek: http://sherri-meyer.photoshelter.com/gallery-slideshow/G0000p27MoBa_RwE/?start.

Update – Our trip to Oregon has been postponed.

Note: You can order prints of the image above by clicking on the image.

Thank you for stopping by!



Sugar Pine Reservoir Abstract

by Sherri on February 12, 2013

Sugar Pine Reservoir, Foresthill, California.

During the past couple of years, I have fallen in love with shooting abstracts. Opportunities for shooting them are literally everywhere, but learning how to see them takes a bit of practice. Sometimes they are very obvious. Other times you might see a subject and wonder if it would be a good abstract subject. [click to continue…]